What we do

Documents get lost, damaged and destroyed. It is vital for commited collectors, to have a single, secure and permanent record of their collection. A clear and detailed inventory will make a collection easier to manage and enjoy. A detailed collection record should also decrease the cost of ownership and can reduce the administrative workload of insurers, valuers, art market participants and specialists.

Our documentation services include the following tasks:

  • Making a manual inventory by compiling individual files for each object and thus creating a hard copy collection archive.
  • Matching invoices, photos, certificates, newspaper clippings, insurance documents, personal notes, valuation and condition reports, and biographical references to each individual object file.
  • Entering all data in your own database.
  • Scanning transparencies of the objects and/or professionally photographing each object and adding film, video or sound files when appropriate.
  • Making digital copies of all documents and converting them into a permanent electronic format.
  • Consolidating and organising your hard copy collection archive containing all original documents, which will then, freshly organised, be returned to you.
  • We can make your collection accessible on www.artdocument.com. You will have a unique digital object archive - your private virtual art reference library - through which you can browse and search from wherever you are.
  • Creating your own personalised hardcopy catalogue upon request. You can be assured of receiving an impeccably indexed and attractively presented register of the works in your collection. As for the number of copies, any quantity is fine, even just one.