How independent is The Art Document Company?
The Art Document Company is privately owned and completely independent of all commercial art organisations.
What will you do with my data once my catalogue is published?
All client data are treated as confidential; they will never be shared with any third parties. Only you and any third party authorised by you will have access to your information.
What guarantees of your expertise can you give me?
We have great breadth and depth of expertise. Also, we associate with many experts in the art world and we have built up our own extensive database, which gives us easy access to research, if needed.
What methodology do you use in documenting art collections?
Our company attaches the utmost importance to accuracy and detail and uses the generally accepted principles and methodology of art documentation in describing and classifying items in a collection. Data concerning artists, literature and other resources are checked with internationally renown institutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
How secure is your Internet-based system?
Every client receives a personal and unique login and password. All clients are asssured of a secure environment.
What are the system requirements for using my Internet-based products?
The minimum requirements for the Internet application are a Windows OS based PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1.5 or higher. The system is also available for Macintosh computers with a Safari or Firefox browser.
How long will it take to make my catalogue?
Our company operates on a project-by-project basis. We are bound by a commitment to quality. The time needed will depend on several factors, such as the size of your collection and the degree to which it is documented already.
What about keeping my data up-to-date?
After finishing documentation of a collection, usually, our clients want to keep the data on their art collections up-to-date. We offer doing this under a maintenance agreement, which outlines the number of modifications expected and the frequency of modified catalogues that need to be produced.
Why should I choose The Art Document Company?
  1. We understand most collections are dynamic and even the smallest changes can be handled.
  2. We are the only independent company worldwide, offering documentation and cataloguing services exclusively for private collectors. Our product is unique. We know exactly what private collectors want, because we are collectors ourselves.
  3. We have established an excellent reputation in the art world. We can capitalise on this reputation by easy access to ressearch. We will supply you with references upon request.